Lois Letchford has been teaching struggling readers for twenty years.

Specialized in teaching children who failed to learn to read through numerous reading programs, Lois has worked with students in Australia, England, and Texas. She has taught failing students at all age levels, with her creative teaching methods varying depending on reading ability of the student, teaching age-appropriate, rather than reading-age-appropriate, material. For beginning readers, she writes poetry, encouraging students to know that they, too, are authors. As her students are more exposed to a  wide range of reading, she uses already existing material to re-engage students, where they become active, involved learners who can enter the traditional classroom confidently. Several of her students have gone from non-reading to graduating college.  

Her non-traditional background, multi-continental exposure, and passion for helping failing students have equipped her with a highly unique skill set and perspective. Originally qualified as a Physical Education teacher, she later completed a Master's in Literacy and Reading from the State University of New York at Albany. She has presented about her teaching methods at several conferences, including the California Reading Association, Michigan Summer Institute, and New York State Reading Association conferences. She is co-president of the Albany City Reading Association as well as a Member of the Australian College of Education. 

She will publish Reversed: A Memoir in March 2018, where she chronicles the journey she took with her son—who was labeled learning disabled at age seven and now holds a doctorate in mathematics from Oxford University—as well as her own quest to learn how to best teach reading to those that traditional programs could not.

It is never the fault of the child, but rather the responsibility of us who teach to find methods that work.”
— Professor Maryanne Wolf