Lois Letchford specializes in teaching children who have struggled to learn to read through numerous commercial programs. She has worked with students of all ages in Australia, England, and Texas. Her creative teaching methods vary depending on the reading ability of the student, employing age-appropriate, rather than reading-age-appropriate, material. Lois writes poetry, empowering her students to see themselves as authors. When her students have been exposed to a wider range of texts, she returns to existing conventional material to re-engage students, who become active, involved learners ready to re-enter the traditional classroom confidently. Several of her most challenging students have eventually gone on to graduate from college.  

Her non-traditional background, multi-continental exposure, and passion for helping failing students have equipped her with a unique skill set and perspective. Originally a physical education teacher, she later completed a Master's in Literacy and Reading from the State University of New York at Albany. Lois has presented her work at The California Reading Association, Michigan Summer Institute, and New York State Reading Association conferences. She is co-president of the Albany City Reading Association and a member of the Australian College of Education. 

Lois continues to work with students to provide education and support to their teachers. While she continues educating teachers and parents on how to teach struggling readers, she has also recently finished the story of her son's—and her own—learning disability in Reversed: A Memoir, slated for publication in March 2018 by Acorn Publishing.



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