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Lois Letchford has executed an athletic performance worthy of an Olympic medal. This book was written for all of the “true” teachers of the world—every nation, every school, and it will be the true teachers who will exhaust themselves in its reading. I laughed, I cried (often), and I recommitted myself more than ever before to fight for the needs of every child. If you consider yourself a true teacher or know someone who is, this is a book that will do some good for the heart and the mind. Read it, and you’ll be doing the profession, and perhaps some of our neediest learners, a big favor.
———Steven L. Layne, Chair, Graduate Programs in Literacy Education, Judson University, Author, "Igniting a Passion for Reading"

Reversed: A Memoir is a must read for every parent who worries that their child may be "different" and for every educator who must realize that his/her words are so powerful to a child that they must always be positive and uplifting! Lois has an enchanting writing technique that even a hardened critic can relate and feel. You will laugh; you will cry but most importantly, you will come away enriched for having read this book!
———Karen Thornton, Waters Elementary School (Texas) Principal

Every educator needs to read this book. [Lois’s] words went from the page to my heart as I laughed and cried alongside her and Nicholas. Simply beautiful.
Dr. Stephanie Affinito, Staff Associate, University at Albany Department of Literacy Teaching & Learning

Reversed: A Memoir is written as a compelling and emotional tale. A must read.
———Stephen Hurley, Founder and Chief Catalyst, voicEd Radio

Informative, engaging, detailed, candid and ultimately inspired and inspiring, Reversed: A Memoir should be considered a critically important and unreservedly recommended addition to community, college, and university library Contemporary American Biography collections in general, and Special Education curriculum supplemental studies lists in particular. It should be noted for the personal reading lists of education students, academia, the parents of dyslexia or otherwise diagnosed 'learning disabled' children.
———Midwest Book Review


Read this book and you'll be challenged by questions about traditional teaching methods, measures of success and failure and what shapes how we view ourselves.



This is a heartwarming story that is well written and captures your interest so you don't want to put the book down until you get to the end!  


Every line is rich with beautiful detail, strong emotion, and cinematic vision. I hope a film adaptation is next! This memoir will move a very wide audience: parents, teachers, speech therapists, and folks who experienced learning difficulties themselves. The author has masterfully threaded several narratives together to make one cohesive, yet complex, storyline.

This book is a wonderful testimony of the power of a mother's unconditional love, ability to think outside the box, and her perseverance to never give up. Reversed was a joy to read—hard to put down.


I reluctantly started reading Reversed: A Memoir at the insistence of a friend. But it turned out to be one of my best reads! An incredible narrative of hope, love, determination, patience, and perseverance. The writing is simple yet powerful and you ache for Lois at every hurdle and cheer for Nicholas at each of his milestone. A book for every parent, every teacher.

sonjA D.
Chennai, india


I have to say this journey you shared is so powerful. I felt it hit me as a mom, as a teacher, as a reading specialist, an administrator, a leader, and fundamentally, as another compassionate human being. Please send Nicholas a hug from this stranger! 


With courage and good humor, Ms. Letchford takes us on a creative adventure into the unknown and shows us how she taught Nicholas, whose difficulties were profound, to read.


Lois's book is a must-read for all parents and educators. It will especially help guide those with children who struggle to read, but is pertinent for anyone who wants to enhance children's engagement with learning. Reversed is a compelling personal story that provides both instruction and hope.  


This easy and engaging read is nonetheless a multi-faceted tale that raises philosophical questions about measures of success and failure and how we view ourselves


I believe this book will motivate, challenge, and encourage both educators and parents to look beyond the initial learning difficulties and find ways to engage and encourage students to develop a love for reading, writing and learning. I count it a great privilege to know Lois and Nicholas, to see the journey they have traveled, and to read this book. I believe that it will be a catalyst for change in the lives of many.


As I read this story my heart broke for Lois and young Nicholas as they struggled to find their way in finding the right kind of instruction for Nicholas to learn to read. The story offers rays of hope throughout, amidst small moments of success to laugh-out-loud antics. This memoir offers promise to parents and educators alike who are determined to find ways to reach those students who are most challenging to teach. It shows what one family's, and one child’s, determination can do. There are no boundaries when strength of mind and strength of character come to play. I highly recommend this book to parents and educators who believe there are no limits when it comes to making a difference in the life of a child.