Lois is a literacy spokesperson for struggling learners who have been left behind in the traditional classroom. Through coaching and workshops at international conferences, TV appearances, and highly-rated radio stations, she uses her own story in Reversed: A Memoir to teach educators and parents how to create flexible learning environments using comprehensive strategies and innovative teaching methods.


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Speaking Engagements

SPELD Conference: Include, Improve, Inspire (Brisbane, Australia, September 2019)
Beyond IQ: Giftedness and Personality (Massachusetts, May 2019)
37th Annual Spring Festival of Children’s Literature (Maryland, April 2019)
Ireland International Conference on Education: IICE-2019
(Ireland, April 2019)
Professional Development Workshop, USD 260 Derby (Kansa, April 2019
SPELD Tour (Queensland, Australia, March 2018)
Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children
(Kentucky, November 2018)
Rotary Club of Williamstown (Massachusetts, October 2018)
Books Sandwiched In (New York, September 2018)
Experts Are Human (New York, September 2018)
(Queensland, Australia, June 2018)
Language Learning Disorders Special Interest Group
(Melbourne, Australia, July 2018)
36th Annual Spring Festival of Children's Literature
(Maryland, April 2018)
Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children
(Kentucky, November 2017)
New York Readers
(New York, November 2017)
Illinois Reading Council
(Illinois, October 2017)
World Wide Congress on Learning Disabilities
(Florida, September 2017)
Michigan Summer Reading Institute
(Michigan, July 2017)
North Carolina Reading Conference
(North Carolina, March 2017)
Michigan State Reading Conference (Michigan, March 2017)