On Writing My Book: Part I

I live with an undiagnosed, lifelong learning disability. What does this mean? It means I work harder to do certain tasks, like writing.

I read and comprehend well and teach children with extreme learning difficulties. I read academic literature with my personal successes and failures in mind. However, in writing, I am a cactus.

I have grown up with doing the basics in writing, putting words on paper in an order that makes sense—most of the time. However, in elementary school, I was given little encouragement, thus growing up feeling deserted. Little encouragement leads to little faith in your ability. For me, the work expected was completed, but there wasn't much joy in the task. Like a cactus, one survives in a harsh climate, relying on limited watering and soil providing little nourishment. One persists through a level of hardiness to grow.

So how did I come to write a book with such credentials?

The writing of my book is a story in itself. In this series of blogs, I will reflect on teaching writing as well as look at some academic readings.

I believe I have turned from a cactus to an exotic flower. Keep following along to learn why.