Exciting Things for 2018!

Happy New Year to all!

I am expecting 2018 to be an exciting—and busy—year. Family events will be a highlight, with my son Nicholas having two wedding ceremonies in July: the first in Chennai, India, followed just one week later with a celebration in Australia.

My book (Reversed: A Memoir) is to be published on Sunday, March 4th. I, along with my wonderful assistant Zan Strumfeld, are planning our official book launch that day at the Troy Public Library at 2:00 pm (details to come!).

As expected, I am over the moon about the publication and am looking forward to all the work involved with the process of releasing my story.

Author Steve Layne—whom many of you may for his most famous book, Igniting the Passion—is currently reading my story and sending me updates. Here's what he had to say:

-I LOVE the cover. Then, I decided, “Let’s just take a little peek before going on my walk.”  The Prologue riveted me, Lois. And that is NOT a word I uses lightly. You ARE a writer my dear! I then began a few sentences of CH 1—and again went, “WOW!  Your vocabulary and sentence construction draws me in immediately!” 

 -I have never read ANYTHING in my life that so put me in the shoes of the parent of a child who needs the system to help! Oh, Dear God in Heaven, I wanted to come crashing into that classroom and have a fit!

-Ended at CH 11 today. Gads, I cried buckets again today when Rob took Nicholas into his swimming group. If this continues I will need a therapist!  Ha! Ha! So enjoying this book. I look forward to some time reading it each morning.

Now publicity is top priority for me. Last year I talked with Stephen Hurley from VoicEdradio, Canada. This year, I will talk with Stephen again, and arranging further radio and TV interviews as part of this publicity campaign.

And, thank you for reading my emails and being part of this process.

All the best for 2018, and feel free to contact me anytime.