Book Tour Part II (Photos): Lubbock, Texas

The amazing week in Lubbock, Texas continues!

On Monday, I had dinner with Nicholas and Isaac’s elementary school principal, Karen Thornton, and one of Nicholas’ teachers, Rocky Wilson. Together we had a great evening reminiscing and enjoying the thought: What if Reversed becomes a movie? Much laughter ensued as we decided who would play each character (Ryan Gosling for Chris?).

Mr. Vogler, former Principal of Lubbock High, and now Assistant Superintendent at LISD

Tuesday, I had lunch with Mr. Vogler, the former principal of Lubbock High, who is now the assistant superintendent of LISD (Lubbock Independent School District). He was delighted a former parent stopped by his office to simple say, “Thank you!”

Speaking about the Box Lesson at Groves Library

Later that evening, I talked at Groves Library. An engaged audience laughed as I presented my Box Lesson. Parents asked excellent questions, and I hope they left with a range of strategies to help their children.

Educators at Texas Tech

Two talks on Wednesday. First: a group of teacher educators from Texas Tech. I was delighted to chat to this group of future educators as they are about to enter their lives as teachers. My talks always center on the foundations of learning to read, connecting both the spoken and the written word, gaining meaning from all words, and how we can approach the teaching of reading for all students to gain greater comprehension.

My second talk was on ANP TV media. The reporters were amazed with my story, my son and his learning journey, and my passion for teaching reading. Unlike my son, most children do not have the possibility of living on three continents to go from the bottom of the class to the top of the school. My drive is always: we must teach this child, in this classroom, in this school, and allow them to thrive where they are, with the teachers they have.