Book Tour Part VI: Frostburg, Maryland

I recently wrote about spending the weekend at the Spring Festival of Children’s Literature at Frostburg State University n Frostburg, MD, but there's one more thing I have to share:

I caught author Steve Sheinkin talk about his writing journey; it was a bit of a relief to hear stories of his early enterprises, his failures, and the learning process that eventually produced writing success. "We remember stories differently than we recall facts," he said, echoing my own sentiments about why my story is so important.

I would love for Nicholas' story and my book Reversed to trigger the thought: "If Nicholas learned to read, maybe this child sitting in my class may learn to read, too, and it is up to me to help them.” If my story is recalled for this purpose, and one more child becomes a successful reader, I feel I have achieved a goal.

As for my book sales: I thank each and every one of you who has bought a book and read it.

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