Greetings from Australia (Part I)!

It's already a busy month as I juggle book promotion and exciting family engagements. Right now, I'm looking at the beautiful kookaburras in my Australian homeland. Nicholas and his fiancee are about to get married (Twice! Once here in Australia and a second wedding in India).

In the meantime, I'm still working hard on sharing our story (FYI: the Kindle version is just $2.99 for the month of July!).

Last Tuesday, I spent the entire day speaking at SPELD (Support for People with Learning Difficulties) to eleven very enthusiastic parents and teachers.

My presentation included:
-The power and importance of using a child’s strengths, their oral language, and connecting it with the written language.
-Pronoun Resolution. First, finding pronouns in a text, and explicitly finding its antecedent creating powerful and engaged readers to improve comprehension.
-Working with both the “whole of texts,” like poems and stories, and also the “parts” for better decoding the piece.
-Turning abstract words into pictures so children can easily recall such words.
-The Box Lesson, of course!

I truly loved talking at SPELD and am planning a return visit next year. And, I finally got to see my parents and give them my book (and Nicholas' Oxford graduation photo).


Next up: preparing for the wedding!