Launch date is THIS Thursday!

I’m headed into a crazy week because...IT’S MY BOOK LAUNCH WEEK.
(Better known as: giving birth to my fourth baby!)

Reversed: A Memoir (out Thursday, March 15 on Amazon) started as the story that I wanted to share about my son, Nicholas, who was first labeled the "worst child I've seen in 20 years of teaching," and the remarkable journey he took to complete a Ph.D. at Oxford University. Yet his tale quickly revealed another: mine. Both became important stories to share with the world.

As if the writing wasn't difficult enough, the marketing journey is almost more arduous and adventurous, as it is totally unknown to me. Luckily, with my assistant Zan and the wonderful team at Acorn Press, we are doing everything we can to spread the word.

But, I need your help too! Order your copy (paperback, hardcover, and eBook) on Amazon on Thursday, March 15. And, share the book! Share the links! Share the love! Let your friends and families know about Reversed!

And! Please join me on Thursday as I do Facebook live posts reading select chapters from the book!