Here's how to order a copy of "Reversed."

Hello lovely book lovers!

While our exciting book launch party is on Sunday, March 25, you can order your copy of the book on Amazon on its official release date: Thursday, March 15. 

Ordering it on March 15 is super important. Here's why:

Hot New Releases (HNR) are the hottest books released in the last 30 days on Amazon. The top HNR books appear in Amazon's sidebar when you look at the "Bestseller" list. This is, obviously, where I want to be. Getting into the HNR drastically increases the book's organic reach.

The Top 3 books obtain 50-60% of book purchases.
The rest of the Top 10 receive 30-40%.
All other books...fight for the scraps.

SO: Purchasing the book through is Amazon is vital. Click here to place your order!

The hardcover is currently available for pre-order on Amazon; the paperback will be up Monday, March 12 for pre-order. To place your pre-order, click here.  

If you wish to purchase locally (in Troy), contact Market Block Books.

More details to come!