Post-Launch: One Week Later


Reversed: A Memoir has been out for exactly a week and boy, have I been busy! I'm so pleased to announce that Reversed was listed on Amazon's Hot New Releases, ranking: 
#1 in Learning Disabled | #2 in Special Education | #5 in Educator Biographies.

Yesterday, 50 copies arrived at my door and it made everything worth it.

That afternoon, I drove to Boston to meet my son Nicholas, who flew in from London for a few meetings with his research group. As we chatted, I recognized the long road of his learning disability. But, on May 12, he will receive his DPhil in Applied Mathematics from Oxford—an unbelievable accomplishment. His learning has not stopped, as he is currently undertaking a diploma in Health Economics while he works at Imperial College at a relatively new job. He recognizes that his writing is not where he wants it to be…so he has enrolled in a business writing course. Talk about multi-tasking.

It was a short trip, and now I’m back in Troy preparing for a talk at Shenendehowa School District. I love talking at these types of events, as I plan interactive sessions to assist teachers with their knowledge of the reading process. To me, teaching reading is the most exciting job in the world!

As for everything else, my assistant and I will continue to push the book and get it out to the world. Make sure to order yourself a copy, and come to the book launch party this Sunday if you're a Troy local.